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Kill It is a campaign to kill depression and suicide among the urban youth in India.

25 per cent of youth in India is hopeless. 1 out of 4 are depressed and every hour, 1 teenager commits suicide in India. India has the highest rate of suicide among the Asian nation: WHO stats.

LiveJam has brought hope to over 1 Million Urban Teenagers in the last 12 years in India and around the work. Our purpose is to engage them on issues such as hopelessness, suicide, depression, loneliness and anxiety.

It takes Rs 100/- to bring Hope to a teenager for a year. Will you bring Hope to a hurting child today?

LiveJam is a youth movement that works among urban teens. Our story starts with one individual’s personal message of hope and change, in the face of a harsh childhood & a broken home. Our one goal today is to prevent teens from committing suicide and giving them a reason to say YES to life!